Access to technology comes with immense benefits in the modern world, but sadly still has many hurdles, not the least of which include expense. People can also struggle with understanding what makes one computer better or worse than another.

The mission statement of NuAngel Dot Org ( is simple: To educate and empower through technology.

We refurbish and upgrade donated computers and laptops then provide them, free of charge, to people of all ages and fellow non-profits, thanks to the generosity of their own community. Our Hand-Me-Up program is meant to help anyone with a need: from school age children, to working adults and retirees, to other non-profits and people-helping-people!

Additionally, we demystify technology to help people understand that these tools are meant to work for them. We believe education is a core component to maximizing the benefits of tech, which is why we also work with local organizations to offer free classes and private tutoring sessions.