Access to technology comes with immense benefits in the modern world, but sadly still has many hurdles, not the least of which include expense. People can also struggle with understanding what makes one computer better or worse than another.

My mission with is to acquire computers, particularly laptops, which still hold a lot of promise and give them a new lease on life by finding them a deserving home, completely free of charge.

By servicing and refurbishing them myself, I am simultaneously upcycling computers while giving a “hand-me-up” to someone who deserves it! is NOT a non profit organization. Nobody is getting a tax break for donating their old laptops to me, and people requesting computers aren’t required to provide income statements. Nobody has any obligation to do this other than simple kindness, and while I know this sort of generosity can be taken advantage of, that’s a risk I’m willing to take at this point in time.

I’ve been given laptops to re-home by private individuals AND businesses, and I’m so incredibly grateful to see that people care! The response from the outset of this project has been great, and I am hoping to continue helping more people.