Access to technology comes with immense benefits in the modern world, but sadly still has many hurdles, not the least of which include expense. People can also struggle with understanding what makes one computer better or worse than another. is a project started in December of 2020 to encourage giving in the local community and has expanded to cover educating people about the technology pervasive in their every day lives.

Founded by Garrett E. Culver, this project was inspired by his mother: “Years ago, I was at my first job out of college; in the I.T. department we had “first dibs” on hardware that was being decommissioned. My mom asked me about finding an affordable computer for a young woman she knew who was taking classes and applying for jobs online. I told her that I had access to a computer that might not be “top of the line,” but it would be FREE to this person who I knew would appreciate a little break while she was getting started. That memory crossed my mind recently and I immediately got to work doing it again, only this time on a larger scale!” exists with the primary goal to acquire computers, particularly serviceable laptops, and give them a new lease on life by finding them a deserving home of people who need them completely free of charge. By servicing and refurbishing them himself, Garrett simultaneously upcycles computers while giving a “hand-me-up” to someone who deserves it! Additionally, Garrett believes in the importance of demystifying and explaining technology. did not start out as a non-profit organization. Nobody received a tax break for donating their old laptops, and people requesting computers were never required to provide income statements or anything concrete. Nobody had any obligation to participate other than simple kindness. Although this sort of generosity could be taken advantage of, it was important to take that risk in order to help the most people. In the beginning a count wasn’t even kept, but it is estimated that approximately 25 laptops, desktops, and tablet computers were given out throughout the first year of operation.

As time went on and more and more people began reaching out to grow the organization. It became prudent to start doing things by the book. On March 15 2022, NuAngel Dot Org applied for 501(c)(3) recognition from the United States IRS. On April 7, 2022, an approval letter dated March 30, 2022 was received granting 501(c)(3) status.

Even before achieving non-profit status, both private individuals AND businesses were making donations. It has been incredibly inspiring to see how many people care! The response from the outset of this project has been great and there is no doubt that will continue to help more people.

Every computer handed out includes a letter with some basic computer-ownership advice, as well as the closing words: BE AWESOME! DO GOOD THINGS! INSPIRE OTHERS!